About NTEDi

Working Together to Build a Brighter Future for North Tulsa Residents

North Tulsa Economic Develpment Initiative

The North Tulsa Economic Development Initiative, Inc. (NTEDi) is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization, organized to provide leadership for north Tulsa community based economic development endeavors, (i.e. social enterprises) and to improve the well-being and quality of life for people in low resource communities. The initiatives adopted annually reflect the importance of tolerance and inclusion and serves as a model for our state.

NTEDi efforts are focused on supporting and leading initiatives related to economic development, education, workforce, housing and effectively marketing the positive attributes in north Tulsa. The majority of NTEDi efforts are carried out through community engagement and partnerships with other agencies. Meetings are held monthly and the community is invited to attend.

The continued volunteerism and support by NTEDi members and others is invaluable and supports NTEDi‚Äôs continued ability to provide needed voices and services to the north Tulsa community. Through the outstanding leadership of the Chair, Subcommittee Chairs and NTEDi Members we are able to impact the community of north Tulsa in a positive way.


“Rebuilding North Tulsa One Project at a Time.”

NTEDi members provide a continuous source of vision, inspiration, innovation and constructive influence for the good of the entire north Tulsa community and City of Tulsa. The desire is that north Tulsa be recognized as a premier destination point in the City of Tulsa.

NTEDi members nurtured an idea conceived more than 15  years ago by citizens in north Tulsa, and former Mayor Kathy Taylor who saw it beneficial to pursue works collectively to improve Retail/Business Development, Workforce Development, Housing/Homeownership Initiatives, Education, and Marketing efforts in north Tulsa. 

The desire is that north Tulsa is recognized as a premier destination point in the City of Tulsa. Some or current work and involvement is focused on the City of Tulsa 36th Street North Corridor Area Plan; attracting Local Community Investment in north Tulsa; Affordable Care Act Promotion; Support for Aging Community; NTEDi Education Retreat/Symposium; Job Creation and Retention; and Housing Summit. The list above is not all inclusive, but represents initiatives and projects that are currently underway.

NTEDi continues to represent the community of north Tulsa and Tulsa very well and it remains critical that we continue to do the work necessary, working collectively with our community partners. NTEDi serves as a pathway to revitalization and business/retail development efforts for current and future residents of Tulsa.